Why Do Pipes Burst in Phoenix AZ?

We don’t live in the mountains where freezing may cause pipes to burst. The city had a record low in February. It was still only 47 degrees.  So why do pipes burst in Phoenix AZ?

Here are some tips about why you might need a pipe repair service.  You may be able to get ahead of the problem. Cureall can help you with all of the problems discussed in this article.  We offer home leak detection services.  Our goal is to help you get ahead of the leak before it turns into a flood.

Corroded Pipes

For Phoenix AZ homeowners with galvanized iron supply pipes, our hard water takes its toll.  That’s because a pH imbalance slowly wears down the galvanized coating.  Then the water reaches the iron, rusting it.  This also causes build-up which narrows the pipe.  This combination of factors can close the pipe or cause it to burst.  Cureall is your go-to company for pipe bursting Phoenix.

Pipe Movement

Water pipes aren’t always secured properly.  This may be due to poor construction methods or to the age of the water system.  In at least one house where they had a flood caused by a burst pipe, it was because the house flipper wasn’t a certified plumber and had done a bad job putting in new plumbing.

As water moves through the moving pipes, the pressure builds up in places where it can’t move as fast.  This pressure weakens the joints.  If you have been hearing noises, this may indicate that the pipes are loose.  Some people call it a water hammer.  This clanging is a sure sign that you need a plumber.  Hopefully you can get the problem addressed before a pipe bursts and leaves you flooded. If this does happen, you can count on Cureall to be your 24 hours plumber in Phoenix.

Cold Pipes

If the temperature drops below 55 degrees in the house, extreme cold outside can freeze the pipes.  Ice has a greater volume than water. This increases the pressure inside the pipe and finally it bursts.  In freezing temperatures, people must keep the water moving to prevent ice.  This means more insulation such as foam pipe sleeves. Home owners are often told to open the cabinets under sinks to allow warm air to circulate.  Phoenix home owners are unlikely to experience this problem.  AZCentral reported that in February 2019, during that cold snap, temperatures still didn’t dip below 35 degrees at night.

Water Pressure

Water pressure should be 30 to 50 PSI.  This allows the water to flow when the tap is turned on, but it doesn’t allow it to build to a rate that can burst a pipe.  If it exceeds 60 PSI, then it begins to overload the pipes.  If you suspect your PSI is too high, a plumber can install a pressure valve.  This will reduce it to the proper rate.  You may also want to invest in a water softener system to reduce the deposits made by hard water.

Cureall has answers to all of your plumbing questions. We’ve got certified plumbers ready to handle burst pipes and to help you avoid them whenever possible.

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