How to Test Sump Pump Phoenix AZ

You hear your pump cycling on and off, on and off.  It’s definitely an indication that something is wrong.  We hope this article will help you find a fast solution to your problem.  For emergency sump pump repair and other plumbing issues, call Cureall.

How to Test Sump Pump Phoenix AZ

If your sump pump and basement are flooding, the pump isn’t working. It may be completely  broken.  Your first priority is avoiding water damage. That’s when you definitely need to call for help. If the motor is still cycling, you may want to flip the fuse. It is very dangerous to wade through water where electricity is live.

If it is working but it is very loud or constantly cycling, you can try these things:

  • Most Important Safety Tip: Shut off electricity to protect yourself from shock.
  • Shut off electricity to protect the motor from burning out.
  • Look for debris that’s causing a clog and clear it out.
  • Check electrical connections to make sure it is getting power.
  • Check mechanical connections to make sure all are working.
  • Check the float switch. Like your toilet, the pump has a floater to determine when to turn on and off the motor. Sometimes the float switch gets tangled up. Please do not touch this if the power is still on.
  • Pour several gallons of water into the sump pump. If the pump can eliminate the water, then it is working. If it can’t do that in less than 5 minutes, there is a problem.
  • Listen for unusual sounds or vibrations during operation. These indicate a problem.
  • Notice if there are foul odors in the sump discharge.
  • Look for obvious signs of a sewer backup or broken water pipe. It could be a plumbing issue not a sump pump issue.

How to Fix Sump Pumps Phoenix

Your Cureall plumber knows exactly how to handle each problem that a sump pump faces. If there’s a way to correct it, we’ll do it.  Our plumbers are experts at replacing damaged parts, fishing out a clog, repair connections, or replacing a sensor. If the motor has burned out, we’ll discuss with you whether it is more economical to replace the motor or the pump.

We definitely recommend that you leave this to the professionals.  If the product is under warranty, a wrong move could void your coverage.  Furthermore, anything that has to do with water, motion, and electricity is dangerous in inexperienced hands.  Call a Cureall professional and head off what may be a bigger problem than you can see.

Typical Sump Pump Problems

Wear and tear can damage the sump pump’s parts or electrical connections.  These problems can burn out the motor by forcing it to work overtime. Shutting on and off repeatedly is never good for any appliance.

Here’s what we’ll be looking for:

  • Major clog
  • Burnt out motor
  • Failed Sensor (causes motor to go on and off)
  • Loose or damaged electrical connections
  • Busted bearings (causing buzzing or grinding)
  • Float Switch is broken and needs replacement
  • Missing or defective check valve on the discharge pipe
  • Sewer leak is feeding into the sump pump
  • Underground pipe leak is feeding in the sump pump

Sump Pump Services

The best way to prevent a flood is to keep your pump working like new. That’s why we offer regular sump pump maintenance.

Sump Pump Installation

Sometimes it is more advantageous to replace a pump than to repair it.  That’s why the Cureall team is trained to . We know how to ensure you have the right size, the right placement, and all of the proper connections.  Our business is well acquainted with all of the rules and regulations that apply to sump pumps.

Please call Cureall for sump pump repair, maintenance and installation.  We serve homes and businesses in the greater Phoenix area.

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