Garbage Disposal Problems

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Hex Key

A garbage disposal is really not one of those things that you think about repairing or replacing. They usually last 10-12 years, depending on the quality of the disposal and the maintenance it’s received.It’s not readily visible, so it’s often forgot about. Unless your drain is clogged, or the disposal is making a humming noise, leaving food and kitchen debris taking over your sink.  Although a garbage disposal may be a minor problem in comparison to other plumbing problems, it can prove to be inconvenient and a hassle. So you wonder what do I do? Is it necessary to call a plumber for my garbage disposal? Can I fix it myself?

Often times you can do a little troubleshooting on your own and remedy the issue at hand. Other times you will need to call a plumbing professional ….like us  :), to come out and see if there are repairs that can be done to fix the problem, or it’s time for a brand new garbage disposal.

Let us walk you through a little troubleshooting. Hopefully the problem was an easy fix and the good ol’ disposal is back at doing it’s job. If not a call to a licensed plumbing professional maybe in order. If you live in Arizona, give us at Cure All Plumbing a call. We are your local Tempe plumbers that are qualified, highly rated and professional. We will help to find the solution.

  • Your garbage disposal won’t turn on.  It may just need to be reset. If it overheated or tripped press the red button under the disposal to reset.
  • Make sure nothing is caught in the disposal (kitchen rags, silverware, etc.) Sometimes items that get caught in the disposal can prevent it from working. Turn disposal off and then check inside the hole and with hand to remove anything that may be caught. 
  • If an item jammed the disposal, use a hex key and work it back and forth underneath the disposal in the flywheel hole. The tool  should be under your sink with the disposal. If not find an allen (hex key) wrench the right size (about 1/4″) and go to work.
  • Check your breaker. Your circuit breaker may have tripped and need to be reset. Make sure this is not the case.

None of these fixes work? If you are still having trouble, give us a call. We offer affordable garbage disposal fixes and installation. We will make sure that all has been done prior to suggesting the installation of a new garbage disposal. We are your trusted Tempe Plumbers!


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