When Drains or Sewers are Clogged, Call CureAll Rooter Phoenix

If your drains or sewer are stopping up, you can’t wait.  CureAll offers every type of plumbing service you can imagine. Our rooter Phoenix plumbing company has sewer scopes to see what’s going on inside your pipes.  Don’t let someone tear up your yard when CureAll is ready to help. Rather than dig up the pipe, we can do trenchless pipe repair.

Root Out the Problem

You may have heard of brands such as Roto Rooter Phoenix or Mr Rooter Phoenix AZ.  Cureall Plumbing replaces pipes but in a much better way. Plus our team is a full-service plumbing team. You won’t have to make two calls if you are wrong about the source of the problem.  Our goal is to achieve plumbing repair in the most inexpensive and meaningful way. A clogged sewer line may require a new pipe, but if it can be cleared, we will do that first. Our job is to root out the problem and try to fix it without digging into your yard.

Camera Inspection

One way we prevent digging is by using a sewer scope. It can go into your pipes and show us what is happening.  If the backup is caused by a clog, then we can get things moving. If we see pipe damage, we can talk about next steps.  Since our job isn’t to sell you new pipes, we come prepared to offer options for drain cleaning Phoenix AZ. We utilize traditional plumbing tools and hydro-jetting to achieve a clear pipe.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement

We really recommend trenchless pipe replacement whenever possible.  This utilizes existing pipe structure to create a new pipe. This includes asbestos cement pipes, sparing you from related asbestos abatement costs.  Other materials that can be relined include PVC, cast iron, wood and clay. In this case, one size really does fit all.  

The materials are sent into the pipe, using its structure to form a new structure.  The new pipe dries in place, creating a long-term permanent pipe. This low-impact approach produces high quality results with a fraction of the fuss and bother of typical rooter Phoenix services.

Before you call roto rooter and have your yard torn up, call Cure All Plumbing for a trenchless estimate.  The modern way really can save you a lot of aggravation and achieve long-lasting results.  

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