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Do you want better drinking water in your home or business?

Do you have hard water build up?

Have you thought about installing a water softener or RO System (reverse osmosis) in your home?

Arizona is said to have “hard water” from the high levels of calcium and mineral content in the water, as well as naturally occurring magnesium bicarbonates. Hard water can create unwanted scum build up, clogged drains, slowing moving faucets, and other plumbing issues. The lifespan of appliances may be shortened from hard water build up, as well as call for the use of excess detergents, to really get things cleaned. A water softening system can eliminate these hassles, as well as leave your skin feeling softer and dishes getting cleaner.

Whether you seek to install a reverse osmosis system to filter and purify your drinking water, or a water softening system to soften the hard water Arizona serves up, both options can make a big difference. Learn more about purifying the water you drink and use everyday for laundering, dish washing, bathing and more.

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Explore water softening systems in Tempe and throughout the valley for your home or business. Water treatment systems end up saving you money long term, provide better water that is less harsh, and overall better for your health.

What makes “Hard Water”?

Water is able to pick up small, soluble pieces of whatever it moves through. Water can pick up particles that contaminate it and make it unsafe to drink, or more commonly naturally occurring minerals from the earth. Calcium and magnesium, both naturally occurring minerals, affect water the most and are what make it what we call “hard water”. Spots on dishes and hard build ups result from Calcium and Magnesium mixing with soaps and detergents, dissolving less detergent for cleaning while increasing solid build up. Beyond decreasing the cleaning effectiveness, hard water can also impact the efficiency of your plumbing systems. Mineral deposits can build up in pipes and water heaters, posing many problems. A water softener system eliminates hard water by getting rid of calcium and magnesium by creating an ion exchange.

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