Video Plumbing Inspections

Who knew plumbers were up to date on technology!  Video Plumbing Inspections allows for in depth troubleshooting and the elimination of guesswork. Gone is the era of digging and searching for pipe leaks and problems.

Do you have burping drains? Does your Tempe home have slow moving drains? Do you think tree roots may be blocking your home or business plumbing?  Well a video inspection to determine what’s going on may be the solution for your drain problem.

What is a Video Plumbing Inspection?

Cameras of different sizes are used to inspect the insides of deep pipes, drains and sewers to see where clogs, leaks and problems come from.  It’s scoping out the inside of pipes, utilizing camera technology. It could be called a drain colonoscopy.

Cure All Plumbing offers Video Inspections to detect pipe problems.

This allows for a much faster and more accurate diagnosis of your sewer and plumbing issues. The camera allows our expert Tempe plumbers and our customers (if they dare) to see first hand what’s going on.  After discovering the issue we are able to offer the best solutions to address the problem at hand. Our trained technicians will then provide the necessary work and plumbing repairs to remedy the issue.  Once we have addressed the problem, we will head back in with another video inspection to ensure that we have taken care of the problem.

Video Inspections offer are a great, fast and accurate solution to really see what’s going on in your sewer lines and pipes.

Contact us at Cure All Plumbing today. We offer affordable solutions and service to all of Arizona. With the evolution of technology and our team of experts, we can handle any plumbing repair, installation or problem in Tempe and surrounding areas.


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