Plumbing & Types of Plumbing Pipes

Is the water pressure coming out of your faucet on the low side or seemingly just a dribble?

Not only is this inconvenient and a nuisance for your home/business, it can also mean that you may have an issue with the piping that supplies you with water. Plumbing pipes that are left unrepaired or ignored can often lead to flooding and further damage to both your home and your property. Cure All Plumbing experts know that issues with your plumbing system are never fun, can cause a lot of headaches and easily turn into expensive repairs.  That is why we’re here to help you with any pipe repair or replacement need before the problem gets any bigger!

Your Plumbing System & Subsystems

First and foremost your plumbing system is made up of two subsystems, one for bringing fresh water into your home or business and the other to remove the waste water.

Fresh Water System

The fresh water coming into your home is under A LOT of pressure so that it can be moved up, down, around corners, etc. The water passes through the meter system when entering your home to measure water usage. Generally next to the meter you will find the main valve that can turn on and shut off the water entering your home. Should you notice that there is an issue with your water supply or you notice any leaks it is always best to contact a trusted plumbing professional. In many cases an experienced plumber will want to shut of the main valve to protect the occupant from flooding or bursting pipes.

Waste Water System

Also known as the drainage system, this subsystem is tasked with the important job of removing waste water from your home/business. The drainage system or sewage line is not under pressure like that of the fresh water system, instead drainage systems are set up to face downward or at a pitch to allow water to flow out to treated sewage facilities. Should you have a drain blockage, waste water may be unable to move away from the home which is never good. Should a blockage or obstruction occur it is always best to contact a licensed plumbing professional before attempting to do the job yourself.

The Type Of Piping You Have Is Important!

The type of pipes that make up your plumbing system are more important then you may think. Our reputable Arizona plumbers know that some homes/businesses are older properties and some are respectively new or brand new. That being said different piping has been used in the construction of older plumbing systems versus newer systems.

Older Plumbing Systems

  • Galvanized Pipes- Galvanized pipes are used in many plumbing systems found in older homes but are not used in new homes and their plumbing systems. Why? Although Galvanized pipes are extremely strong they corrode over time and will often compile mineral build up, especially from the hard water that can be found here in Arizona or for those of you who do not have a water softener installed. Corrosion and mineral build up will eventually cause clogged pipes, noticeably lower water pressure coming from your faucets, and can also cause pipes to leak and break, increasing water bills or putting your home in danger of flooding.
  • Cast Iron- Cast iron pipes are one of the older style pipes used that are actually very durable although their appearance tends to depreciate over time.  Found in a lot of older homes this type of piping can be used until it completely rusts through or can be replaced before this occurs.

New Plumbing Systems

  • PEX- Pex piping is a color coded plastic piping that is very flexible and easy to use. While not the most durable it is still better than galvanized and cast iron piping when used in plumbing systems
  • PVC- One of the huge piping materials used in newer age plumbing systems it is a lot lighter and easier to work with than that of galvanized pipes. It is mainly used for drainage and waste pipes because it can carry some health risks when used for fresh water supply lines.
  • Copper- Copper piping is great especially for the use of water supply lines because it poses no health risk to the end users, its strong and durable and definitely a better option than cast iron or galvanized piping systems.

No matter that type of pipes that make up your plumbing system our experts are experienced in all areas and can guarantee a job done right. 

We can repair or replace pipes, main sewer lines and more. Have questions regarding your pipes, or any issues you may be having?  Give us a call today,  our we are here to help those in Tempe and surrounding areas!