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What happens when a restaurant drain clogs during peak business hours?  All of a sudden you have sludge coming up from your drains, the smell is anything but pleasant, and you have a restaurant full of hungry people.  The staff members are running around trying to situate the mess, and one very frazzled restaurant manager is trying to deal with the situation.  Not only is he or she trying to keep their staff together and working efficiently, but they are also well aware of all of the people who came to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, and eat delicious SAFE food.  Before he completely panics and has to close the eatery for the day/night he makes an emergency call to a commercial plumber!

Here at Cure All Plumbing we have gotten this call time and time again.  Being trained, licensed professionals we have a number of different techniques used to help determine the issue at hand.  If it is something we refer to as a soft blockage we can use high powered jetters to clear the lines.  However if it is a hard blockage we need to use a tool called a snake.  The snake may be put down the drain into the line to help break up the hard blockage obstructing the pipe.  Whatever the current cause may be there are preventative tools and measures you can take to help keep your drains clear and without problem.

The first thing to understand about commercial drains, especially of those found in restaurants, is why they become clogged.  Most commercial businesses have their drainage systems set up by way of a septic tank. Every drain found in the business runs lines to that specific septic tank. In restaurants there is a tremendous amount of grease coming from things such as animal fats, cooking oils, and other ingredients. When grease or oil cool they become sticky, thus attaching themselves to the insides of drain pipes and creating a build up over time.  When the pipes aren’t cleared regularly the blockages make it hard for water and waste to pass through to the septic tank, where it then has to be pumped by a plumbing professional.  If the liquid is not able to make it’s way to its disposal spot it causes a back up in the system and thus is pushed back up through any drain that it may come out of.  The problem with this sludge is not only the mess and the smell, but the bacteria it carries with it.  Grease is an inevitable part of restaurants, and therefore there are commercial grade grease taps that need to be installed to help with drain flow. There are also grease trap pumping companies that come out to clear the grease traps on a regular monthly basis. However, even with these precautions, your drain systems and pipes still need to be serviced regularly to help maintain clean open spaces for your water and waste to travel.

Jetting the lines quarterly helps to keep drains and pipes clear of buildup and other debris that easily makes it’s way into these systems.  Scheduling regular complete inspections for your restaurant grease trap, helps to catch problems before they become a nuisance and overly expensive.

Just as a car needs a tune up or oil change to maintain optimal performance, drains and plumbing systems need regular care as well.  While there are reputable plumbing companies, like ourselves, that may help in emergency situations, we recommend regular maintenance to avoid excessive and costly. If you stay on top of your drain systems care and maintenance, you will save yourself time, money, and unpleasant situations.

At Cure All Plumbing we are here to assess and create a maintenance schedule that works for your restaurant business. Monitoring your septic system is not a fun job but we can promise you our professional team members are here to assist you.  Schedule an initial inspection today, and let us take care of the dirty work!


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