Got Leaks?

Detecting leaks in your home or business is really very important. A leak left untreated can and will produce a host of unwanted problems and expenses.

Many times leaks are detectable because you can see them, smell them, or experience an ever increasing utility bill. There are many symptoms signaling you may be experiencing a leak, but there are times you may not even realize that you have a leak in your home. If it’s a small pin hole leak and not visible, you have no idea it even exists. Yet, overtime the damage can accrue and you can be left with lasting damages, and a big headache. A leak left undetected can linger and result in water damage, structural damage and mold. We are not saying this to worry you, but rather to inform you of keeping your plumbing and pipes healthy.

Plumbing Leak Symptoms:

  • Higher than normal water bill
  • Moist areas of slight discoloration
  • Drooping, moist ceilings
  • Sound of water running when no water is actually running
  • Foul odors near drains or sewers
  • Cracks in the floors or walls
  • Mildew or mold build up

The plumbing of your home often runs through your walls, ceiling, and under the concrete foundation of your home. There are ways to detect pipe leaks, even if you aren’t sure they exist.  The progression of modern technology allows us to inspect through the interior of walls, ceiling, and floors without knocking down a wall. We use thermal imagery technology, video camera pipe inspections, air testing, and smoke testing to locate leaks and then tend to the problem.

Sometimes it just takes an annual check up.  Just like going for a physical or general exam by your family doctor, your plumbing needs a little of that same attention by your local, family plumber. If you have detected a leak, or feel as though you may have one, we invite you to Cure All Plumbing a call. Our years of plumbing experience and equipment will allow us to detect if you do indeed have one without damage to your property.

One of the issues a leak can produce is mold production. Mold is something that many people are aware of, yet many are not familiar with the effects it can have on the overall health of an individual. Unwanted expenses and structural damages are not anything that anyone wants, but the effects that mold can have are even more to be aware of.

Our next topic of discussion will be the hazards of mold. Although may think Arizona is dry and a place that mold would rarely be an issues, you would be surprised the amount of mold issues there are here….even in brand new homes.

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