Gas Hot Water Heater vs Electric – Tempe, AZ

Which way to go Gas Hot Water Heater or Electric?

Is it time for a new hot water heater for your Arizona home? Your neighbor as a gas hot water heater and you’re wondering if you should go the same route.  What are the benefits and the drawbacks of an electric vs gas heater, and what is best for you and your family?

Each Hot water heaters, whether gas or electric offer different benefits. Let’s explore.

Gas Hot Water Heaters.

Whether tank or tankless gas heaters cost less money have significantly less operating costs and a far more energy-efficient. It costs a lot less to heat the same amount of water with a gas water heater versus an electric one. What does cost more with the gas option, is your initial upfront cost. Gas Hot water heaters cost more on the front end, at the time of purchase. They also need a natural gas outlet, which you may not have.  Keep in mind proper venting and safety requirements. ( vent outside proper seals & maintenance to ensure safety)

In the long run, gas hot water heaters are more economically beneficial, as well as environmentally beneficial.

Electric Hot Water Heaters.

A bit cheaper during your initial phase of investment, at purchase time, but more costly on your electric bill. Electric hot water heaters take a longer time to heat up and therefore use more energy. This means higher electric bills. If you do have one or plan to get one, make sure that you properly insulate and maintain your heater. Electric hot water heaters do not require a gas line, which may be a perk for some. Overall they are cheaper in the beginning, they tend to last a bit longer, and you don’t need a gas line. Utilizing a solar hot water system with your hot water heater may be the way to go.

Whether you choose gas or electric, your hot water heater is one of the biggest consumers of energy. We recommend getting savvy on ways to reduce your energy needs, and therefore reduce your costs, as well as impact environmentally.

If you would have questions or would like to learn about the styles and varieties we offer of hot water heaters in our Tempe location, give us a call!


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