How to Avoid Emergency Sewer Repair Phoenix AZ

When is sewer repair an emergency?  Almost always.  That’s because a backed up sewer can cause filth to flood your home or business.  No one wants to see it, much less smell it.  And they sure don’t want to be stuck cleaning up after it.  So how can you avoid emergency sewer repair Phoenix AZ?  Cureall, your local sewer cleaner expert, suggests that you pay attention to these sewage stoppage symptoms.

Sewer Problems Smell.

When you keep asking yourself: what is that terrible smell? It’s time to act.  This may be a foul odor coming from a drain.  This indicates a problem already in the house.  Or, it may be sewage odors on your property. This indicates that your sewage lines may be leaking.  Your nose is telling you to call your Cureall plumber.  We are a leader among Phoenix sewer cleaning companies, and we can handle your pipe problems inside the house or in the lawn.

Backed up Pipes Act Funny.

Sometimes one sink drains and another starts to fill up.  Sometimes you notice that your drains are making a gurgling sound.  Often it is simply that your drains or toilets keep getting clogged.  It may be tempting to try and deal with these problems yourself. In actuality, a sewer problem is too big for a do-it-yourself approach.

Sewage Comes Up the Pipes.

You know for sure when sewage starts flowing the wrong way that your pipes are clogged.  Hopefully you can catch it in time before it can create unsanitary conditions. Most of all, you want to avoid damaging your floors, walls and belongings.  Even standing water in the tub can contain germs.  If it’s a second floor bathroom problem, it can ruin the ceiling beneath it.  If it seems serious, that’s because it is.

Cureall Sewer and Drain Cleaning

We encourage you to call us if you detect a foul odor or have pipes that keep backing up.  Our advanced equipment can look into your drainpipes and sewer line.  We can see what the problem is and work fast to alleviate the back up.

Video camera inspections:

  • Eliminate guesswork
  • Eliminate unnecessary digging
  • Allow us to determine the most effective solution quickly.

Sometimes the problem is a removable clog. In that case, we can use an auger to get things flowing away from the house again.  Sometimes there are other problems such as cracks, holes or tree root invasions.

If the problem is so extensive that you need another sewer line, we offer effective solutions, such as:

Trenchless pipe replacement is our speciality.  It is a great way to replace your pipes without disturbing your lawn, plantings, driveway, sidewalk, or retaining wall. We start with the existing pipe structure and use Perma Liner technology to create a new pipe.  Homeowners and business managers like this solution because it eliminates the expense (and aggravation) of replanting or repaving.

For sewer and drain stoppages, contact Cureall.  We’ve got expert solutions to your plumbing problems.

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