How to Test Sump Pump Phoenix AZ

You hear your pump cycling on and off, on and off.  It’s definitely an indication that something is wrong.  We hope this article will help you find a fast solution to your problem.  For emergency sump pump repair and other plumbing issues, call Cureall.

How to Test Sump Pump Phoenix AZ

If your sump pump and basement are flooding, the pump isn’t working. It may be completely  broken.  Your first priority is avoiding water damage. That’s when you definitely need to call for help. If the motor is still cycling, you may want to flip the fuse. It is very dangerous to wade through water where electricity is live.

If it is working but it is very loud or constantly cycling, you can try these things:

  • Most Important Safety Tip: Shut off electricity to protect yourself from shock.
  • Shut off electricity to protect the motor from burning out.
  • Look for debris that’s causing a clog and clear it out.
  • Check electrical connections to make sure it is getting power.
  • Check mechanical connections to make sure all are working.
  • Check the float switch. Like your toilet, the pump has a floater to determine when to turn on and off the motor. Sometimes the float switch gets tangled up. Please do not touch this if the power is still on.
  • Pour several gallons of water into the sump pump. If the pump can eliminate the water, then it is working. If it can’t do that in less than 5 minutes, there is a problem.
  • Listen for unusual sounds or vibrations during operation. These indicate a problem.
  • Notice if there are foul odors in the sump discharge.
  • Look for obvious signs of a sewer backup or broken water pipe. It could be a plumbing issue not a sump pump issue.

How to Fix Sump Pumps Phoenix

Your Cureall plumber knows exactly how to handle each problem that a sump pump faces. If there’s a way to correct it, we’ll do it.  Our plumbers are experts at replacing damaged parts, fishing out a clog, repair connections, or replacing a sensor. If the motor has burned out, we’ll discuss with you whether it is more economical to replace the motor or the pump.

We definitely recommend that you leave this to the professionals.  If the product is under warranty, a wrong move could void your coverage.  Furthermore, anything that has to do with water, motion, and electricity is dangerous in inexperienced hands.  Call a Cureall professional and head off what may be a bigger problem than you can see.

Typical Sump Pump Problems

Wear and tear can damage the sump pump’s parts or electrical connections.  These problems can burn out the motor by forcing it to work overtime. Shutting on and off repeatedly is never good for any appliance.

Here’s what we’ll be looking for:

  • Major clog
  • Burnt out motor
  • Failed Sensor (causes motor to go on and off)
  • Loose or damaged electrical connections
  • Busted bearings (causing buzzing or grinding)
  • Float Switch is broken and needs replacement
  • Missing or defective check valve on the discharge pipe
  • Sewer leak is feeding into the sump pump
  • Underground pipe leak is feeding in the sump pump

Sump Pump Services

The best way to prevent a flood is to keep your pump working like new. That’s why we offer regular sump pump maintenance.

Sump Pump Installation

Sometimes it is more advantageous to replace a pump than to repair it.  That’s why the Cureall team is trained to . We know how to ensure you have the right size, the right placement, and all of the proper connections.  Our business is well acquainted with all of the rules and regulations that apply to sump pumps.

Please call Cureall for sump pump repair, maintenance and installation.  We serve homes and businesses in the greater Phoenix area.

How to Avoid Emergency Sewer Repair Phoenix AZ

When is sewer repair an emergency?  Almost always.  That’s because a backed up sewer can cause filth to flood your home or business.  No one wants to see it, much less smell it.  And they sure don’t want to be stuck cleaning up after it.  So how can you avoid emergency sewer repair Phoenix AZ?  Cureall, your local sewer cleaner expert, suggests that you pay attention to these sewage stoppage symptoms.

Sewer Problems Smell.

When you keep asking yourself: what is that terrible smell? It’s time to act.  This may be a foul odor coming from a drain.  This indicates a problem already in the house.  Or, it may be sewage odors on your property. This indicates that your sewage lines may be leaking.  Your nose is telling you to call your Cureall plumber.  We are a leader among Phoenix sewer cleaning companies, and we can handle your pipe problems inside the house or in the lawn.

Backed up Pipes Act Funny.

Sometimes one sink drains and another starts to fill up.  Sometimes you notice that your drains are making a gurgling sound.  Often it is simply that your drains or toilets keep getting clogged.  It may be tempting to try and deal with these problems yourself. In actuality, a sewer problem is too big for a do-it-yourself approach.

Sewage Comes Up the Pipes.

You know for sure when sewage starts flowing the wrong way that your pipes are clogged.  Hopefully you can catch it in time before it can create unsanitary conditions. Most of all, you want to avoid damaging your floors, walls and belongings.  Even standing water in the tub can contain germs.  If it’s a second floor bathroom problem, it can ruin the ceiling beneath it.  If it seems serious, that’s because it is.

Cureall Sewer and Drain Cleaning

We encourage you to call us if you detect a foul odor or have pipes that keep backing up.  Our advanced equipment can look into your drainpipes and sewer line.  We can see what the problem is and work fast to alleviate the back up.

Video camera inspections:

  • Eliminate guesswork
  • Eliminate unnecessary digging
  • Allow us to determine the most effective solution quickly.

Sometimes the problem is a removable clog. In that case, we can use an auger to get things flowing away from the house again.  Sometimes there are other problems such as cracks, holes or tree root invasions.

If the problem is so extensive that you need another sewer line, we offer effective solutions, such as:

Trenchless pipe replacement is our speciality.  It is a great way to replace your pipes without disturbing your lawn, plantings, driveway, sidewalk, or retaining wall. We start with the existing pipe structure and use Perma Liner technology to create a new pipe.  Homeowners and business managers like this solution because it eliminates the expense (and aggravation) of replanting or repaving.

For sewer and drain stoppages, contact Cureall.  We’ve got expert solutions to your plumbing problems.

Why Do Pipes Burst in Phoenix AZ?

We don’t live in the mountains where freezing may cause pipes to burst. The city had a record low in February. It was still only 47 degrees.  So why do pipes burst in Phoenix AZ?

Here are some tips about why you might need a pipe repair service.  You may be able to get ahead of the problem. Cureall can help you with all of the problems discussed in this article.  We offer home leak detection services.  Our goal is to help you get ahead of the leak before it turns into a flood.

Corroded Pipes

For Phoenix AZ homeowners with galvanized iron supply pipes, our hard water takes its toll.  That’s because a pH imbalance slowly wears down the galvanized coating.  Then the water reaches the iron, rusting it.  This also causes build-up which narrows the pipe.  This combination of factors can close the pipe or cause it to burst.  Cureall is your go-to company for pipe bursting Phoenix.

Pipe Movement

Water pipes aren’t always secured properly.  This may be due to poor construction methods or to the age of the water system.  In at least one house where they had a flood caused by a burst pipe, it was because the house flipper wasn’t a certified plumber and had done a bad job putting in new plumbing.

As water moves through the moving pipes, the pressure builds up in places where it can’t move as fast.  This pressure weakens the joints.  If you have been hearing noises, this may indicate that the pipes are loose.  Some people call it a water hammer.  This clanging is a sure sign that you need a plumber.  Hopefully you can get the problem addressed before a pipe bursts and leaves you flooded. If this does happen, you can count on Cureall to be your 24 hours plumber in Phoenix.

Cold Pipes

If the temperature drops below 55 degrees in the house, extreme cold outside can freeze the pipes.  Ice has a greater volume than water. This increases the pressure inside the pipe and finally it bursts.  In freezing temperatures, people must keep the water moving to prevent ice.  This means more insulation such as foam pipe sleeves. Home owners are often told to open the cabinets under sinks to allow warm air to circulate.  Phoenix home owners are unlikely to experience this problem.  AZCentral reported that in February 2019, during that cold snap, temperatures still didn’t dip below 35 degrees at night.

Water Pressure

Water pressure should be 30 to 50 PSI.  This allows the water to flow when the tap is turned on, but it doesn’t allow it to build to a rate that can burst a pipe.  If it exceeds 60 PSI, then it begins to overload the pipes.  If you suspect your PSI is too high, a plumber can install a pressure valve.  This will reduce it to the proper rate.  You may also want to invest in a water softener system to reduce the deposits made by hard water.

Cureall has answers to all of your plumbing questions. We’ve got certified plumbers ready to handle burst pipes and to help you avoid them whenever possible.

4 Reasons to Hire a Licensed Plumber Phoenix AZ

Sometimes you can handle a minor plumbing problem. Other times you ask a family member, friend or neighbor. But even the most diligent do-it-yourselfers know that there are times when you need a professional.  Some jobs are just too big for the average homeowner or business owner. When that day comes, you need a licensed plumber Phoenix AZ.

You can trust Cureall for honest and affordable plumbing. We handle repairs and installation in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Our team can repair or install sump pumps, water heaters, disposals, and other water-related appliances.  We also do commercial plumbing repairs and maintenance.  Here are four reasons to hire a licensed plumber in Arizona:

  1. Properly Trained
    When you hire Cureall plumbing contractors Arizona, you can be sure that our plumbers have taken many plumbing courses, passed the appropriate exams, and been professionally trained.  Cureall also makes sure our plumbers have access to continuing education to keep their knowledge fresh.
  1. Safety Conscious
    Licensed plumbers have learned how to handle problems that require a high degree of safety.  They know the dangers of gas and electric appliances, especially where water is concerned. Likewise, they know how to use tools in a safe and effective way.  Finally, Cureall Phoenix plumbing and drain staff is bonded and insured.
  1. Trustworthy
    When a licensed plumber enters your home or your business, you want to know that they are safe to have around.  Cureall plumbers have passed criminal background checks.  They must be thoroughly vetted to become part of our team.  If you want to feel extra safe, ask our plumbers to see their ID or call our headquarters to verify their identity.
  1. Get It Right the First Time
    Unfortunately, amateur plumbers can do damage. This can lead to flooding or more expensive repairs. When you employ Curall professional plumbing companies in Arizona, you can be sure that your plumber isn’t going to make the problem worse. They will get it right the first time. After all, you don’t need a new aggravation on top of your current plumbing problems.

Licensed Plumber Phoenix AZ FAQS

Q: Why does a plumber need a license?
A: Professional plumbers should have certain knowledge and skills.  Without licensing, anyone can call themselves a plumber.  To prevent this, the state requires a plumber to become certified and to demonstrate that they are properly insured.

Q: What licenses does CureAll have?
A: Licensing is done on a state by state basis. In our state, licensing is certified by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Cureall holds a dual CR-37 license.

A CR-37 license covers interior and exterior plumbing. Essentially it combines the R-37 and C-37. R-37 includes water piping systems, sewage systems, and fire protection systems. C-37 allows the plumber to install, alter or repair plumbing within property lines.

Q: What are the qualifications for individual licensing?
A: Plumbers have to demonstrate that they have had four years of apprenticeship experience. They also have to pass a trade exam and a business exam. Finally, they must show proof of bond.

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For best results, count on the professionals at CureAll Plumbing. Program our number to find help 24/7.


When Drains or Sewers are Clogged, Call CureAll Rooter Phoenix

If your drains or sewer are stopping up, you can’t wait.  CureAll offers every type of plumbing service you can imagine. Our rooter Phoenix plumbing company has sewer scopes to see what’s going on inside your pipes.  Don’t let someone tear up your yard when CureAll is ready to help. Rather than dig up the pipe, we can do trenchless pipe repair.

Root Out the Problem

You may have heard of brands such as Roto Rooter Phoenix or Mr Rooter Phoenix AZ.  Cureall Plumbing replaces pipes but in a much better way. Plus our team is a full-service plumbing team. You won’t have to make two calls if you are wrong about the source of the problem.  Our goal is to achieve plumbing repair in the most inexpensive and meaningful way. A clogged sewer line may require a new pipe, but if it can be cleared, we will do that first. Our job is to root out the problem and try to fix it without digging into your yard.

Camera Inspection

One way we prevent digging is by using a sewer scope. It can go into your pipes and show us what is happening.  If the backup is caused by a clog, then we can get things moving. If we see pipe damage, we can talk about next steps.  Since our job isn’t to sell you new pipes, we come prepared to offer options for drain cleaning Phoenix AZ. We utilize traditional plumbing tools and hydro-jetting to achieve a clear pipe.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement

We really recommend trenchless pipe replacement whenever possible.  This utilizes existing pipe structure to create a new pipe. This includes asbestos cement pipes, sparing you from related asbestos abatement costs.  Other materials that can be relined include PVC, cast iron, wood and clay. In this case, one size really does fit all.  

The materials are sent into the pipe, using its structure to form a new structure.  The new pipe dries in place, creating a long-term permanent pipe. This low-impact approach produces high quality results with a fraction of the fuss and bother of typical rooter Phoenix services.

Before you call roto rooter and have your yard torn up, call Cure All Plumbing for a trenchless estimate.  The modern way really can save you a lot of aggravation and achieve long-lasting results.  

Cureall is Your Phoenix 24 hour Plumber

From a blocked sewer main to a busted sump pump, there are many reasons that you may need a Phoenix 24 hour plumber.  You need expert service with all of the tools of the trade, including sewer scope cameras.  Our highly trained plumbing technicians handle commercial and residential plumbing.

24 hour Plumbing Service

CureAll handles so many different types of plumbing. It’s only natural that we include a 24 7 plumbing service.  Perhaps you have a leak in the bathroom or kitchen that is ruining the floors, ceiling or drywall. It’s essential to stop it, but you don’t know where it’s coming from.   Our plumbers can handle tub leaks, stopped up shower drains, plumbing fixtures, kitchen sinks, and toilet water overflow.

Emergency Sewer Repair

Sewage coming out of a cleanout pipe or leaking into your home is a danger to your health.  You want to stop it, but you didn’t see the warning signs until it was too late.  You’ve got to take care of this sewer plumbing emergency.  CureAll plumbers have all of the equipment they need to find and eliminate sewer line clogs, using sewer camera inspection.  We can do main sewer line cleanout and replace sewer pipes.  We specialize in trenchless pipe relining, reducing how much time it takes to get the sewer system working again.

Emergency Sump Pump Replacement

When water is gushing into your house or business because the sump pump broke, you can call us.  If the sump pump can be fixed, we’ll do it.  If not, we can do emergency replacement. It’s available round-the-clock because we know that sump pump repair is a vital service for our clients.

Broken Water Heater

Our water heater repair and maintenance techniques are designed to extend the life of your appliance.  We will examine the anode rod, thermometer, valve and tank to determine the problem. If possible, repairs will restore your hot water.

Let us know how we can help you. Call or text us at 480-585-4000 for 24 hour emergency plumbing.

Common Mistakes That Void Water Heater Warranties

Unless you want to pay out of pocket to replace your water heater, don’t void your warranty by making these common mistakes

Warranties tend to have a great deal of “fine print” that nobody enjoys spending the time to read. However, in that fine print, there is important information about mistakes that will void your water heater warranty. What are some of these common mistakes made by homeowners?

1. Installing the water heater yourself.

Even if you consider yourself a skilled handyman, installing your own water heater to save the cost of a plumber, may end up costing you more money in the long run. Several water heater companies require your heater to be installed by a certified plumber in order to maintain its warranty. Additionally, there may be specific components or parts that are required to bring your specific heater into compliance with your city’s plumbing codes. These codes may include expansion tanks, mixing valves, check valves, drain pans, TRP termination, valves, dielectric unions, venting, electrical wires and breakers. Having a certified plumber install your water heater will give you peace of mind and allow you to keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid.Skipping regular maintenance.

Several warranties require that you have proof of regular maintenance for your water heater. Some people may try to skip the annual check ups in order to save a few dollars, but if the heater were to stop working, you may find yourself paying out of pocket to replace it. Water heaters require annual maintenance in order to avoid corrosion and sediment build up. These check ups also ensure that your water temperature and pressure is accurate according to local codes. Having a licensed plumber perform annual maintenance on your water heater will save you a great deal of money down the road.

2. Non-compliance with local plumbing codes.

Whether you decide to install the water heater yourself, or you call a plumber who does not have a lot of experience in Arizona, it may be difficult to understand all the plumbing codes that homeowners are required to follow. If a heater is installed incorrectly, or fails to comply with every code, your manufacturer warranty may be void. Certified plumbers, especially with years of local experience, will ensure that your water heater is compliant with all current plumbing codes for your specific area. The saying “you pay for what you get” applies here; just because you find a cheaper price when price comparing does not mean you are going to get that same service from every company. Cure All Plumbing provides free in-home estimates. Have us come to your home and you will see the difference in our product knowledge and attention to detail.

3. Modifying or altering components by yourself.

It may be tempting to play around with some of the components on your water heater if your water temperature seems to be going up or down. However, this may potentially damage your heater, unless the issues are properly diagnosed and repaired. Watching YouTube and attempting to become an expert in less than a few minutes is not recommended on such a large investment. If your water heater stops working due to an issue with the way the components were set or adjusted, then your heater’s warranty becomes void, and the manufacturer will not cover the cost of repair. Whenever your heater appears to be malfunctioning, always call a certified plumber to properly investigate and fix the problem.

Whenever you find that your water heater is not working properly, call Cure All Plumbing immediately, and we will send out one of our certified technicians to properly diagnose and repair it for you. The technician will also check to make sure that your heater is compliant with all the local plumbing codes. This ensures that your family and appliances are safe and extends the longevity of the water heater.Water heaters are a large and expensive investment to your home, and Cure All Plumbing wants to obtain the longest lifespan from your unit.

Call us today to receive a $49 Water Heater Inspection!

See a list of common water heater manufacturers and a link to their water heater warranties below for your reference:


What is hard water and how does it affect you?

When it comes to hard water, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and Texas are the prime states where hard water is found.

Hard water is essentially water that contains scale forming magnesium and calcium.

What does this mean?

This means that magnesium and calcium minerals are found in abundance in water supplies and thus cause a scale like build up over time. The build up of these harsh minerals can leave clothes looking dingier, especially sheets, underwear and whites.  It can also mean that to really get clothes and even your hair and skin clean, you may have to use more soap and detergents!

Hard Water Can Shorten the Lifespan of Appliances,Faucets, & Fixtures

Although hard water is not dangerous to drink or use, it can shorten the lifespan of appliances, like your dishwasher, faucets/fixtures, water heater and even your plumbing!  That’s right! As long time plumbers, the team at Cure All Plumbing has seen the effects that hard water has on plumbing and incorporated pipes.

What do you do to help combat the effects of hard water and the residue that can be left behind?

Having an ion-exchange water softening system installed is the best way to reduce the consequences of hard water.  An ion-exchange system can help to remove the magnesium and calcium in your water by replacing these harsh minerals with sodium and potassium ions.  In fact we have the low down on how a water softening system actually works, what the investment looks like in terms of cost, and water tests that  can be performed to determine if you have hard water in your home. Feel free to give us a call to learn more about water softening systems.

How Does A Water Softening System Work & Is It Safe For My Family?

A tank holds tiny beads that are called ‘the resin’.  A small amount of sodium is added to the tank, where hard water is filtered through.  The negative ions from the magnesium & calcium attach to the positive ions of the sodium.  When water is run through your faucet the negative ions are filtered out and just the positive sodium charged ions enter the water leaving your faucet creating soft water! Some people may think that drinking this soft water can lead to an increase in your daily salt intake, however this is not the case.  Water generally contains a little bit of sodium naturally and will not affect your salt intake at all.  Soft water is perfectly safe to drink and use, and in fact many people say that it tastes better!

What is the Investment of a Water Softener?

The investment depends a lot on whether your home has been plumbed for a water softener.  When building a home it is always best to plumb the home for a water softener while building.  Should you wish to install a water softener after the home has been built it can cost anywhere from a couple of hundred to a thousand dollars to ready your home plumbing for a water softener, in addition to between $1,500-$2,500 for the actual water softening system itself. To get a better idea, contact us a call for a more accurate quote.

How Do I Know If My Home Has Hard Water?

There are a few different tests that can be performed to determine the hardness of your water.

  1. Fill a clear plastic bottle with 6-8 ounces of water from your faucet.  Add in 4 drops of pure soap (most soaps have additives so make sure soap is pure soap)  and shake the bottle.  Should you see a lot of suds and soapy water your water is generally soft.  Should you see murky, filmy water with barely any suds you have HARD water and could benefit from the installation of a water softener!
  2. In most hardware stores you will find a water test kit. Essentially you submerge one of the test strips found in the kit in water from your faucet. You will be provided a chart of colors that determine how hard your water actually is.
  3. If you want to spend a little bit more money and have the professionals test it you can send a few samples of your water to a water testing facility.

While it’s not required to have a water softening system in your home, it can beneficial to homeowners for many reasons.  Should you feel that your pipes or plumbing have been affected by the hard water in your home, we suggest calling your local Tempe plumbing experts to schedule an assessment of your plumbing.  Cure All Plumbing technicians are knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to recommending what we believe might be the best water softening system for your home and budget.  Thinking about moving to a state that has softer water?  While Utah, Colorado, Arizona, & Texas are definitely more in the red when it comes to hard water, most of the United States has hard water, some areas just have a little bit harder than others:).

Understanding Your Water Bill Usage & Charges Can Help Save You Money

As experienced plumbers we know that leaks in your home can be very costly…

As well as often times damaging to your home, as well as your belongings. We also are aware of the struggle of trying to keep your water usage at a normal amount, not only conserve water but also to conserve money. In fact, many of our plumbing service calls are for leaks in homes that have gotten big and out of control. Many of our customers do not even realize that leaks were present, or that the leak was as big as it turned out to be.

So many times we are asked if there is any other way to tell if you had a possible leak, besides the obvious…..dripping water and/or puddles in your home. We explain the importance of monitoring your water bill every month and watching for usage changes that were not attributed to an increase in house guests or some other measure as to why the water bill may have increased. What we began to realize is that aside from gauging the monthly cost of the water bill, most people didn’t really know how to read their water bill, which in actuality really is not that crazy.

Understanding your water bill charges and monthly usage history is the most effective way to measure and reduce water usage and costs associated with it.

Water is usually managed by cities utility companies. People know that they have to pay for water and that if they are conscious of the water they use they will be billed fairly. While this is definitely true, understanding the charges and the monthly usage history is the most effective way to measure and reduce water usage and the costs that come with it. It also is a great way to monitor or detect any leaks you may be  unaware of.


Let us give you a few of the tips, tricks and money saving advice on:

  • First it’s good to understand that your water bill is broken down into TWO MAIN CHARGES….Sewer & Water:
  • SEWER- This measures the water that is pumped away from your home and sent to your districts Water Treatment Facility. This water includes all waste water from your home, think water from washing dishes, flushing your toilets, taking a bath or shower, and laundry. While most utility companies charge a flat rate to the customer depending on the type of bill agreement they have, some charge a rate per every 1,000 gallons removed from your home.
  • WATER- this is the charge for the ACTUAL amount of water you have pumped into your home. The water that you use to do your dishes, laundry, shower etc. The cost is usually measured in increments of every 1,000 gallons pumped into your home from the water treatment facility.

Next we have miscellaneous fees & electrical fees….yes there are electrical fees associated with your water bill too!

  •  MISC. FEES – these fees vary from utility company to utility company and will show up on your bill as differently depending on the utility company. These fees are generally added to your bill as a way to help absorb the cost associated with maintaining the sewer system & running the water treatment facilities.
  • ELECTRICAL FEES – these fees are in place to help pay for the electricity that it takes to run the pumps that take waste water away and supply fresh clean water to your home.

This brings us to USAGE HABITS/HISTORY….perhaps the most important part of reading your water bill…

Usage habits/history is perhaps the most important part of your water bill other than the actual amount that is due.


It basically gives you a history via a graph that allows for a visual observation on when or if your water bill has risen over that last few months. Generally when you see a steady and slow increase over a period of time in your water usage and can not attribute it to an increase in people in your home or an increase in water amount used on your part, potentially means you have a leak. Leaks often start out small and can stay small for a very long time.

However a leak that is left untreated or unnoticed can waste an average of 10,000 gallons of water a year.

That is 10 increments of 1,000 gallons you are paying for for no reason at all. It’s not water that’s been used, it simply has been wasted and thus wasting your money with it. Should you suspect a leak or see a cost increase in your water bill, we suggest calling a trusted, experienced plumber, like the us at Cure All Plumbing. Your plumber will provide a leak inspection and help diagnose, detect and fix any leaks or other plumbing issues. We also highly recommend that you monitor your Water Usage Habits/History on your water bill monthly to potentially save a lot of money, water, and headaches!

A few other ways to save water and reduce water usage, as well as lower your utility bill, are to install these simple items. They are proven to be effective and can help save your pocket A LOT of money over time.

  • Tank Bags For Your Toilet- They are easy to install and can be found at Home Depot, and other home stores. They can save you 1 liter of water every time you flush your toilet! That definitely adds up over time.
  • Faucet Aerators- installing water efficient faucet aerators will help lower the GPM(Gallons Per Minute) coming out of your faucet without reducing your water pressure.
  • Water Efficient Shower Heads- These will help to reduce unneeded water usage during your shower as well as help cut down the cost on both your water and electricity bill.

So take a minute a read through your next water bill. You can even hop online and take a look at the last few months to see if you notice anything out of the ordinary. If you have any questions, give us a call! We are happy yo answer any questions you have.

Water Heater Problems?

Tempe Plumbers Hot Water Heater Tips

Don’t Let a Leaky Water Heater Ruin Your Day!

If you are a home-owner, or have home-owner friends, chances are that you have witnessed, or heard about the misfortune of a leaking water heater. For the lucky ones, this may only be a small inconvenience that is quickly resolved. For unlucky home owners, it can be a costly event that causes extensive damage if left undetected. This indeed was the fate of one of our neighbors who returned from a nice vacation to find water damage that had extended from the garage where the unit was located, into the home, destroying flooring and belongings.

  • So, what should you heed from this cautionary tale? If you have a conventional (storage) water heater, take these precautionary steps to keep your water warm, but your house and garage dry. Get to know your water heater!

    First, how old is your water heater? Most conventional water heaters have a life span of 10-15 years. Check the label…. If it approaching that lifespan be extra diligent in evaluating the rest of these steps and consider replacement.

  • Does your unit have a generous catch pan underneath? This will contain smaller leaks and at least minimize the impact if there is a longer or larger leak. If there is no pan, is there another method in place to contain leaks?
  • Next, look for signs of wear, or perhaps small leaks already occurring. Check the cold water inlet and the hot water outlet connections at the top of the unit. Is there rust on the fitting, or other signs of concern. Are the fittings tight? If you have the necessary skills you may feel comfortable with small repairs. If not a professional is happy to help.
  • Check the TPR (temperature-pressure-relief) value. Every water heater has this relief valve located on the side of the tank with a pipe running down to the floor. This valve is a safety devicethat is in place in the event that the water becomes too hot, or there is too much pressure within the tank. Place a bucket under the pipe valve on the top or side of the tank and lift the valve’s tab to let some water out, then let go. If water keeps flowing (valve not working correctly), drain the tank partway, unscrew the old valve with a pipe wrench, and install a new one. (Or of course call a professional to help).


In addition to proactively watching the health of your unit, show it a little TLC. Drain the unit and rinse out the sediment on an annual basis, and check the anode rod hanging in the tank to make sure it is still intact. (This anode rod prevents the inside of the tank from rusting and will help you get the most life out of it).

If your evaluation has led you to the conclusion that replacement is the best option, research your options, and work with a professional to help make the right decision for your family. Cure All Plumbing brings professional plumbing services to our clients.

Happy and safe bathing!