4 Reasons to Hire a Licensed Plumber Phoenix AZ

Sometimes you can handle a minor plumbing problem. Other times you ask a family member, friend or neighbor. But even the most diligent do-it-yourselfers know that there are times when you need a professional.  Some jobs are just too big for the average homeowner or business owner. When that day comes, you need a licensed plumber Phoenix AZ.

You can trust Cureall for honest and affordable plumbing. We handle repairs and installation in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Our team can repair or install sump pumps, water heaters, disposals, and other water-related appliances.  We also do commercial plumbing repairs and maintenance.  Here are four reasons to hire a licensed plumber in Arizona:

  1. Properly Trained
    When you hire Cureall plumbing contractors Arizona, you can be sure that our plumbers have taken many plumbing courses, passed the appropriate exams, and been professionally trained.  Cureall also makes sure our plumbers have access to continuing education to keep their knowledge fresh.
  1. Safety Conscious
    Licensed plumbers have learned how to handle problems that require a high degree of safety.  They know the dangers of gas and electric appliances, especially where water is concerned. Likewise, they know how to use tools in a safe and effective way.  Finally, Cureall Phoenix plumbing and drain staff is bonded and insured.
  1. Trustworthy
    When a licensed plumber enters your home or your business, you want to know that they are safe to have around.  Cureall plumbers have passed criminal background checks.  They must be thoroughly vetted to become part of our team.  If you want to feel extra safe, ask our plumbers to see their ID or call our headquarters to verify their identity.
  1. Get It Right the First Time
    Unfortunately, amateur plumbers can do damage. This can lead to flooding or more expensive repairs. When you employ Curall professional plumbing companies in Arizona, you can be sure that your plumber isn’t going to make the problem worse. They will get it right the first time. After all, you don’t need a new aggravation on top of your current plumbing problems.

Licensed Plumber Phoenix AZ FAQS

Q: Why does a plumber need a license?
A: Professional plumbers should have certain knowledge and skills.  Without licensing, anyone can call themselves a plumber.  To prevent this, the state requires a plumber to become certified and to demonstrate that they are properly insured.

Q: What licenses does CureAll have?
A: Licensing is done on a state by state basis. In our state, licensing is certified by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Cureall holds a dual CR-37 license.

A CR-37 license covers interior and exterior plumbing. Essentially it combines the R-37 and C-37. R-37 includes water piping systems, sewage systems, and fire protection systems. C-37 allows the plumber to install, alter or repair plumbing within property lines.

Q: What are the qualifications for individual licensing?
A: Plumbers have to demonstrate that they have had four years of apprenticeship experience. They also have to pass a trade exam and a business exam. Finally, they must show proof of bond.

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